UPDATED: Tuesday 29th January, 3:46 pm

Draft III (Final)

Sunday (3rd February)
2:00 pm —
5:00 pm
Conference Registration
6:00 pm Conference Reception
Monday (4th February)
  Newcastle Room Mulubinba Room Cummings Room Hunter Room Concert Hall
8:30 am Conference Registration
8:45 am Conference Opening
9:00 am Keynote 1. Chairperson: Laureate Prof. Jon Borwein
Dr Heinz Bauschke
An Invitation to Modern Projection Methods
Chairperson: Roslyn Hickson Simon Clarke Boris Baeumer Martin Savelsbergh Mike Meylan
10:00 am Mr Andrew Holder
Acid-mediated tumour growth
Prof. Larry Forbes
Solitons in Combustion -- A Meeting of Two Old Flames
Dr Winston Sweatman
Outcomes of Binary Scattering at High Energies
Prof. David Y Gao
Unified Understanding for Complex Systems and NP-Hard Problems in Computational Mathematics and Sciences
Mr Nicholas Fewster-Young
Deceptive solutions to singular boundary value problems.
10:20 am Mr Meksianis Zadrak Ndii
Dengue and mosquitoes: can we stop transmission?
A/Prof. Michael Page
Some novel diffusion-driven flows
Dr Galyna Safonova
Accurate solution to the scattering problem for arrays of infinitely long cylinders
Mr Stephen Maher
Solving the integrated airline recovery problem using column-and-row generation
Mr Jason Cosgrove
Large-scale atmospheric vortices
10:40 am Dr Borislav Savkovic
Mathematical modelling in anti-HIV gene therapy: estimating clinically relevant parameters and predicting likely clinical outcomes
Luke Sciberras
Propagation and stability of vortices in bounded nonlocal nonlinear media
Giang Nguyen
Phase-Type Poisson distributions (like Poisson, but different)
Ms Reena Kapoor
Optimising Reclaimer Schedules
Mr David Horsley
Faraday waves in radial outflow
11:00 am Morning Tea Monday
11:20 am Keynote 2. Chairperson: Prof. Natashia Boland
Prof. Matthias Ehrgott
Bridging the gap between real world decision making and mathematics -- Multi-objective optimisation in action
Chairperson: Geoff Mercer Robert McKibbin Bob Anderssen Mark Fackrell Bishnu Lamichhane
12:20 pm Dr James Gilmore
Understanding first phase HIV decay dynamics through stage-dependent drug action
Mr Meng Cao
3D modelling of suspended sediment transport in turbulent open channel fluids
A/Prof. Harvi Sidhu
Travelling waves in a competitive reaction scheme
Isaac Donnelly
Pattern Formation on Networks with Reactions: A Continuous Time Random Walk Approach
Lisa Mayo
Numerical solutions for thin film flow down the outside and inside of a vertical cylinder
12:40 pm Catherine Penington
Collective motion of dimers
Dr Collin Phillips
Rapidly Rotating Anisotropic ${\boldsymbol\alpha}$-effect Dynamos
Mr Adam Ellery
Moments of action for diffusion-reaction-advection processes.
Mr Giles David Adams
Equilibria and Optimisation: An interesting approach from the study of selfish networks
Dr Michael Brideson
The Bernoulli Equation in PDE form . modelling Interfacial Fluid Flows
1:00 pm Mr David Khoury
Using models to uncover dynamical features of malaria infections that are difficult to measure
Ravindra Pethiyagoda
Accurate numerical simulations of three-dimensional ship wave patterns.
Mr Chen Chen
Multiscale modelling of diffusion in a material with microstructures
Dr Dion O'Neale
Using network science to explore innovation
A/Prof. Annette Worthy
Generation and Control of Solitons using Various Nematic Geometries and Regimes
1:20 pm Lunch Monday
2:20 pm Keynote 3. Chairperson: Prof. Larry Forbes
Prof. Graeme Hocking
Theory and practice of withdrawal from stratified reservoirs
Chairperson: Mick Roberts Larry Forbes Markus Hegland Dion O'Neale Annette Worthy
3:20 pm Miss Nurul Syaza Abdul Latif
Modelling induced resistance to plant disease using dynamical systems
Prof. John Harper
Bubble electrophoresis with four univalent ion species
Dr Mike Meylan
Modelling Wave Attenuation in the Marginal Ice Zone
Mr Philip Howes
Living on the edge of chaos: Painlevé equations through geometry
Mr Erwin Lobo
Pathways of Carcinogenesis: Tumour Progression and Treatments
3:40 pm Dr Robert Smith?
A mathematical model of Bieber Fever: The most infectious disease of our time?
Miss Ying Wan Yap
Numerical study of oscillatory Couette flow in rarefied gas
Martin Seydenschwanz
An Implicit Discretization Scheme for Linear-Quadratic Control Problems with Bang-Bang Solutions
Andreas Loehne
Linear vector optimization -- algorithms and applications
Mr Michael Lachut
Buckling of a cantilever plate uniformly loaded in its plane with applications to surface stress and thermal loads
4:00 pm A/Prof. Geoffry Mercer
Complex behavior in a dengue model with a seasonally varying vector population
Sue Ann Chen
Motion of a clean bubble past a surface
Mr Peter Cudmore
Synchronisation and amplitude death in Nanomechanical Oscillators
Matthias Wong
The sparse grid combination technique for multi-dimensional problems
Dr Yalcin Kaya
Constructing Interpolating Curves via Optimal Control
4:20 pm Afternoon Tea Monday
Chairperson: Stan Miklavcic John Harper Yalcin Kaya Masoud Talebian Natashia Boland
4:40 pm Mr Alexander Chalmers
Mathematical Modelling of Atherosclerosis: A disease of boundary conditions
Mr Muteb Alharthi
Feedback control for reaction-diffusion-delay equations: semi-analytical solutions
Prof. Markus Hegland
On the numerical solution of the Vlasov-Maxwell equations
Prof. Peter Taylor
A Microeconomic Model for Journal Revenue Sourcing
Ms Chaitanya Shettigara
Challenges in Numerical Relativity
5:00 pm Prof. Nigel Bean
Health benefits: Do they add up?
Quoc Thong Le Gia
Multiscale methods for the Stokes problem on bounded domains
Ms Robyn Stuart
Metastability in Dynamical Systems
Benjamin Weißing
Set-valued Average Value at Risk
Mr Bennett Gardiner
Saffman-Taylor fingers in a wedge geometry
5:20 pm Catheryn Gray
Local Sensitivity Analysis of Glucose Transporter Translocation in Response to Insulin
Mr Hayden Tronnolone
Complex-variable methods for surface-tension-driven viscous flows in two-dimensional multiply-connected domains
Dr Bronwyn Hajek
Heat conduction in a heterogeneous cooling fin -- some interesting non-classical symmetry solutions
Mr Alex Badran
Consistent Modelling of VIX and Equity Derivatives Using a 3/2 Plus Jumps Model
Dr Paul Leopardi
Alignment-free comparison of biological sequences
5:40 pm —
6:00 pm
Dr Joshua Ross
How big is an outbreak likely to be?
Prof. Darren Crowdy
Stokes flows in confined domains
Kathryn Deutscher
Unstable Klein-Gordon Modes in an accelerating universe
Mr Yang Shen
Pricing bond options under a Markovian regime-switching Hull.White model
Mr Martin Paesold
Non-equilibrium thermodynamics of folding in geomaterials
Tuesday (5th February)
  Newcastle Room Mulubinba Room Cummings Room Hunter Room
8:30 am Conference Registration
9:00 am Keynote 4. Chairperson: A/Prof. Carlo Laing
Prof. G. Bard Ermentrout
When Noise is the Signal: Stochastic Synchrony
Chairperson: Nigel Bean Frank de Hoog Winston Sweatman Frances Kuo
10:00 am A/Prof. John Murray
Operations research extracting response to antiviral therapy for hepatitis C virus envelope sequences
Mr Michael Dallaston
Nongeneric bubble extinction in a Hele--Shaw cell
Laura Hattam
Modulation Theory for the Steady fKdVB Equation- Constructing Periodic Solutions
Mr David Farmer
Chebychev-collocation method for non-linear time-stepping problems
10:20 am Mr John Mitry
Ducks on Drugs: Folded saddle canards in a model of propofol anaesthesia
A/Prof. Sergey Suslov
Thermomagnetic and sedimentation effects on convection in ferrofluid: theory and experiment
Dr Boris Baeumer
Stable Processes with Boundary Constraints and Fractional Cauchy Problems
Mr Andrew Stephan
Generalised Compact Finite Difference Methods
10:40 am Dr James McCaw
Intriguing nonlinearity in a SIRS model of disease transmission with immune boosting
Mr Daniel Ladiges
A Modified DSMC Method for Simulating Unsteady Flows
Mrs Hala Hejazi
A second-order accurate finite volume method for solving the two-sided space fractional diffusion equation
Mrs Lucy Leigh
What to do when scheduling is not followed - the issue of unbalanced longitudinal data
11:00 am Morning Tea Tuesday
11:20 am Keynote 5. Chairperson: Laureate Prof. Jon Borwein
Prof. Keith Devlin
A uniform mathematical view of the modern battlefield
Chairperson: Joshua Ross Darren Crowdy Michael Page Phil Broadbridge
12:20 pm Prof. Mick Roberts
How epidemiology interacts with ecology
Mr Julian Back
Finite-time blow-up of one- and two- dimensional Stefan problems
Dr David Ivers
Dynamos in Spheroidal and Ellipsoidal Geometries
Dr Dirk Nuyens
A multilevel algorithm for box integrals on string generated Cantor sets
12:40 pm Dr Timothy Schaerf
Rules of attraction, repulsion, orientation and streaking . a model for the guidance and motion of honey bee swarms
Dr Yvonne Stokes
Thin-film flow in helically-wound channels with small torsion.
Mr David Lee
Envelope Solitons in Barotropic and Baroclinic Flows
Mr Darren Engwirda
Algorithms for Dynamic Quadrilateral-Dominant Tessellation
1:00 pm A/Prof. Mary Myerscough
Brood, food and collapse: A delay differential equation model for honey bee demography.
Dr Debadi Chakraborty
Extensional acoustic vibrations of axisymmetric nanoparticles immersed in viscous fluids
Mr Brendan Florio
The interaction of convection modes in a box of a porous medium
Christopher Schneider
$L^1$-Regularization of Linear-Quadratic Control Problems
1:20 pm Lunch Tuesday
2:00 pm Organised Tours
Wednesday (6th February)
  Newcastle Room Mulubinba Room Cummings Room Hunter Room
8:30 am Conference Registration
9:00 am Keynote 6. Chairperson: A/Prof. Geoffry Mercer
Prof. Hanna Kokko
Is Mother Nature shortsighted? Evolutionary processes do not maximize population performance
Chairperson: John Murray John Boland Thanh Tran Peter Taylor
10:00 am Mrs Majda Idlango
Transition Analysis of a Single Species Logistic Model Exhibiting an Allee Effect in a Slow Variation
Dr Reiichiro Kawai
On weak approximation of stochastic differential equations through hard bounds by mathematical programming
Dr Petrus van Heijster
Travelling spots in a three-component FitzHugh-Nagumo equation
Mr Mohsen Reisi
Demand Driven Throughput Assessment for Hunter Valley Coal Chain
10:20 am Prof. Graeme Wake
A model of asymmetric cell division: implications for tumour biology and some new non-local calculus
Dr Narin Petrot
Generalized Distance and fuzzy Concepts for Fixed Point Problems in metric spaces
Miss Lisa Schultz
Modelling South Australian Motor Vehicle Emissions and Exposure Risk Analysis
Christoph Kowitz
An optimized combination technique for the gyrokinetic eigenvalue problem
10:40 am Bob (Robert) Anderssen
Modelling Microbial Growth in a Closed Environment
Miss Mingmei Teo
Markov chains with interval transition probabilities
Dr Federico Frascoli
Anti-tumor immunity and growing cancers: a dynamical system approach
Ms Simranjit Kaur
Scheduling unit processing time arc shutdown jobs to maximize network flow over time
11:00 am Morning Tea Wednesday
11:20 am Keynote 7. Chairperson: Prof. Irene Hudson
Prof. Chris Glasbey
Dynamic programming versus graph cut algorithms for phenotyping by image analysis
Chairperson: Graeme Wake Xianfu Wang Robert Smith? Regina Burachik
12:20 pm Mr Aidin Jalilzadeh
Modelling Tissue Inflammatory Response: Chemotaxis-Reaction-Diffusion Equations (CRDEs)
Miss Katrina Treloar
Velocity-jump processes with proliferation
Dr Andrew Black
Mixing times in evolutionary game dynamics
Mr James Foster
Optimal approximation for nonconvex quadratic optimization
12:40 pm Mr Theodore Vo
Combining Mathematics and Electrophysiology to Understand Bursting in Pituitary Cells
Wiyada Kumam
The Linear Regression and Fuzzy Linear Regression based Medical Service Value Models for Informal Workers in Thailand
Dr Mike Plank
So long and thanks for all the fish
Mr Hadi Charkhgard
Optimising Order Batching
1:00 pm Prof. Irene Hudson
Drug-likeness: statistical tools, chemico-biology space, cartesian planes, drug databases: a case study
Mr Brendan Harding
A stochastic model for effect of hardware faults on supercomputers
Mr Josh Chopin
Mathematical and Computational Modelling for the Phenotypic Analysis of Cereal Plants
Mr Sanjoy Kumar Paul
A Production-Inventory System with Disruption and Reliability Considerations
1:20 pm Lunch Wednesday
2:10 pm Keynote 8. Chairperson: Dr Frances Kuo
Dr Matthew Simpson
Collective cell behaviour with clustering
Chairperson: Mary Myerscough Andrew Black Dirk Nuyens David Y Gao
2:40 pm Kristen Harley
Shock-fronted travelling wave solutions arising in a model of tumour invasion
Mr Duy Tran
Geographically clustering New Zealand electorates in the 1893 general election using data describing gender and voter turnout; an application of the Aggregate Association Index
Dr Jerome Droniou
Gradient schemes for diffusion equations
Sherin Ahamed
Modelling rainfall on various time scales
3:00 pm Miss Rachelle Binny
Mathematical Modelling of Cell Invasion
Ms Sidra Zafar
An overview of estimation for ordinal log-linear models
Dr Simon Clarke
Symmetric solutions to the forced extended Korteweg-de Vries equation
Ms Rachel Bunder
An Integer Programming Approach to Picking Items for Experimental Sets
3:20 pm Mr Fehaid Alshammari
Corneal Epithelium Wound Healing
Mr Salman Cheema
On issues concerning the assessment of information contained in aggregate data using the F-test
Mrs Syeda Laila Naqvi
Adaptive radial basis function for time-dependent partial differential equations by reconstruction through cubic splines
3:40 pm Ms Sangeeta Bhatia
Group theoretic formalization of double-cut-and-join model of chromosomal rearrangement
Valeriy Khakhutskyy
Parallel Solution of Regression Problems Using Sparse Grids and Alternating Direction Method of Multipliers
Minh Tran
A New Parallel Algorithm for Solving Tri-diagonal Systems
A/Prof. Regina Burachik
The Exact Penalty Map for Nonsmooth Optimization
4:00 pm Afternoon Tea Wednesday
Chairperson: Matthew Simpson Mike Plank Jerome Droniou
4:20 pm Prof. Stan Miklavcic
Mathematical modelling of salt and water uptake and transport in plant roots
Mr Michael Rose
Expectations on Fractal Sets
Mr Kale Davies
Continuum modelling and the assumption of homogenous mixing: The importance of being spatially aware
4:40 pm A/Prof. Scott McCue
Multiscale modelling of sausage-shaped cell migration leads to a continuum description with degenerate diffusion
Dr Gobert Lee
Statistical Inference and Medical Image Segmentation
Prof. Tony Roberts
A new approach supports slowly varying and thin layer PDE models
5:00 pm Dr Shawn Means
Mitochondrial Calcium Handling and the Interstitial Cells of Cajal
Prof. John Boland
Statistical Analysis in Energy Meteorology
A/Prof. Thanh Tran
Solving geodesic problems on a sphere with spherical splines
5:20 pm —
5:40 pm
Dr Jeremy Sumner
Lie Markov Models and why they matter to phylogenetics
Dr Frank de Hoog
Approximating the Intensity of a Point Process
Dr Sheehan Olver
Sparse and stable spectral methods
7:00 pm ANZIAM Annual Award Ceremony and Conference Dinner
Thursday (7th February)
  Newcastle Room Mulubinba Room Cummings Room Hunter Room
8:30 am Conference Registration
9:00 am Keynote 9. Chairperson: Dr Bob Anderssen
Prof. Robert McKibbin
Geofizz Unfazed
Chairperson: Gary Froyland Carlo Laing Tony Roberts Matthias Ehrgott
10:00 am Dr Jason Sharples
Modelling dynamic fire spread mechanisms
Dr Michael Deakin
The Ellipsing Pendulum
Prof. Dr. Somyot Plubtieng
Existence theorems for the n-vectorial saddle point problems
Prof. Andrew Eberhard
An interpretation of a feasiblity algorithm in Integer programming
10:20 am Dr Ngamta Thamwattana
Using calculus of variations to model polymer chains with non-circular cross sections
A/Prof. Martin Wechselberger
Canards and Excitability
Dr Shuaian Wang
Global Optimization Methods for the Discrete Network Design Problem
Prof. Martin Savelsbergh
A new algorithm for solving bi-objective 0-1 integer programs
10:40 am Dr Mark Nelson
The biological treatment of wastewater: modelling a sludge disintegration unit
Dr Robert Marangell
The Morse and Maslov Indices for Periodic Problems
Tarek Elgindy
Electricity Generation and Transmission Network Design Considering Intermittent Supply
MIP models for optimisation of locations for prescribed burning
11:00 am Dr Sharleen Harper
Modelling the Performance of Raingardens as Stormwater Treatment Devices
Dr Alona Ben-Tal
Coarse-graining and simplification of bursting dynamics
Dr Poom Kumam
The best proximity point theorems for generalized proximal contraction mappings
Dr Tony P Roberts
Topology optimization for bone implants and high strength to weight ratio cellular materials
11:20 am Morning Tea Thursday
Chairperson: Petrus van Heijster Martin Wechselberger Hanna Kokko Andreas Loehne
11:40 am Prof. Bill Blyth
Introduction to Computer Aided Assessment of Advanced Questions using MapleTA
Carlo Laing
Managing heterogeneity in the study of neural oscillator dynamics
Prof. Joerg Fliege
Reformulations of multiobjective bilevel problems
Dr Xianfu Wang
Restricted normal cones and the method of alternating projections
12:00 pm Christian Gerhards
Multiscale Methods for Geomagnetic Modeling
Gary Froyland
Finite-time entropy: A probabilistic approach for measuring nonlinear stretching in dynamical systems
Dr Bishnu Lamichhane
A mixed finite element method for the biharmonic problem using biorthogonal or quasi-biorthogonal systems
Prof. Natashia Boland
On the Augmented Lagrangian Dual for Integer Programming
12:20 pm Prof. Phil Broadbridge
Ponding Time Under Irrigation: Where Approximate Becomes Exact
Dr Frances Kuo
Multi-level quasi-Monte Carlo finite element methods for a class of elliptic partial differential equations with random coefficients
Dr Kasamsuk Ungchittrakool
An iterative shrinking metric $f$-projection method for finding a common fixed point of a quasi strict $f$-pseudo-contraction and a countable family of firmly nonexpansive mappings and applications in Hilbert spaces
Dr Mark Fackrell
Car Allocation in a Vertical Rotary Car Park
12:40 pm A/Prof. Troy Farrell
Modelling of Large Scale Bagasse Stockpiles
Dr Roslyn Hickson
How population heterogeneity influences epidemic dynamics
Dr Michael Haythorpe
Snakes and Ladders Heuristic for the Hamiltonian Cycle Problem
Masoud Talebian
Pricing to Accelerate Demand Learning in Dynamic Assortment Planning
1:00 pm Lunch Thursday